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Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Here How It Works:

  1. Register by providing your name, email address, password, and payment information. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after.
  2. Complete some offers. Most of them are free trials with payouts ranging anywhere from 5 to 50 dollars! Once you've completed an offer, click the button next to it to indicate its completion. The offer will then be added to your 'My Pending Offers' page to await verification.
  3. As offers are verified, they are removed from the 'My Pending Offers' page, and the money will be added to your 'My Treasure' page. Along with the money, you will receive gold coins which you can redeem at the trading hut for cool treasures, maps, and more.
  4. On the 15th-20th of each month, we will send your payment if you have earned a minimum of 20 dollars by the last day of the previous month.
  5. Refer your friends to TreasureTrooper.com and get 20 percent of whatever they make for life! In addition, you'll get 5 percent of anybody that your friends refer. You can literally make hundreds of dollars this way!
  6. Go on treasure hunts for real cash and prizes. Current treasure hunt is for the lost statue of the Mambiko tribe and is worth $100 in real money to anybody who finds it. There is no limit to the amount of people that can find this treasure!

Example of offers & survey that they pay for:-

NPD Research-Join their survey panel.-$1.00
Lightspeed-Join their survey panel.-$0.50
Prize America-Fill in your accurate information and click "yes."-$0.50
The Net Panel-Join their survey panel.-$0.50
Poetry.com-Submit a valid poem for free.-$1.50
Free Gamecube-nter e-mail with intent to participate.-$0.50
Home Business Survey-Fill out the home business survey.-$1.05
Why not give it a try??? HERE

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Get Paid for Completing Survey!!!

Earning money has never been easier!

Real Rewards

SurveySavvy.com is truly unique when it comes to rewarding our members. We value your opinions, which is why almost every survey you qualify and complete for one of our clients means cash in your account.

Completing surveys is rewarding, but the most effective way to earn money is through our patented referral system (Patent No. 6446044). We pay SurveySavvy.com members an average of $2 for every survey a SurveySavvy.com member's referral completes and an average of $1 for every survey their referrals' complete. Encourage your friends to join SurveySavvy.com and you can earn money regardless of whether or not you complete surveys. You can start referring your friends today: HERE

Savvy Tips

1. Respond to every survey invitation - We are working on ways to send you more survey invitations that you will qualify for. However, due to the specifications of a particular study, you may not qualify for some of the invitations you receive. Your best bet is to respond as soon as you receive an invitation. Our clients request a mix of individuals to participate in their studies, so if you respond immediately you'll have a better chance of qualifying and completing a survey. Plus, we award $10 to 50 individuals each month who respond to a survey invitation but do not qualify

2. Complete Member Portraits - Portraits are the personal profiles we create for each SurveySavvy.com member. This is based on your registration information -- but also will be based on a series of additional questions that help us build a more accurate representation, or portrait, of each of our members. Creating your portrait will help you qualify for more research surveys. Why not start now? HERE

Payment made via SECURE CHECKS-

Our goal is to be the trusted connection between people and research.

Best Regards,
The SurveySavvy.com Team

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Take The Internet Back- (Earn Money While Reading Emails)

I'm gonna introduce a program that pay us for just reading emails...sounds easy right? Yes, it is!!! ^_^

Welcome to Take the Internet Back – a program that is destined to change the face of the internet! Please take the time to read this page, our Program Info page, our FAQ page, and our Contract page to get a full understanding of our unique and totally free program. Everything that is printed throughout this website is absolutely true, and we can accomplish it all if we work together. As a team, we will all benefit – both now and more so in the future. Our program is simple, easy for you to participate in, free to all, and has tremendous potential. Feel free to email us using our Contact page should you have any further questions or concerns. We want you to be totally confident in our program, and to fully understand it. Then - join us and we will take back the internet!! Remember that it’s totally free – now and forever!!











Google Adsense (Part 1)

What is Google AdSense?

If you are already familiar with AdSense and already have an account and a
website, you can probably skip this section. However, if you’ve heard about
this “Google AdSense thing” and aren’t sure exactly how it works or how to
make money with it, then this section is for you.

Let me start with a little history lesson. Don’t worry, it’s not too boring. :)
Before Google developed the AdSense program, a person or business that
owned a website had four basic ways they could make money with the site:
  1. They could sell their own products on the site.
  2. They could sell other people’s products on the site.
  3. They could sell banner ads to other companies.
  4. They could show banner ads from one of the advertising networks.

The first method made the most money, and is still a very common way of
making money online. But it was (and is) the most difficult way to make
money on the web. You had to create a good product that people will want
to buy, and you had to support that product either via email or on the phone
(or both). You had to be able to handle refunds and affiliates (salespeople).
You can’t make everybody happy all of the time, either, so you had to grow
a thick skin and not get angry when you read the occasional “this guy and
his product sucks!” post on a forum somewhere. You had to advertise your
product and compete with other people who have similar products. It’s
doable (I know because I do it), and the rewards are great, but it takes a lot
of time and a lot of work.

Number two was easier than number one because you were just an affiliate,
or salesperson. You sold the product but you didn’t handle the refunds, you
didn’t do the support, and you didn’t have to worry about what people said
about you (because who complains about the salesperson?). There was still
a lot of work involved though, because you had to pre-sell your visitors and
learn to write convincing “why you should buy this product” articles. And
you never knew if all of that work would flop because the product just didn’t
sell well, or worse–the company who created the product went out of
business (it happens)!

Number three, selling banner ads on your site, required almost as much
work as number one, because you had to seek out advertisers and handle
their needs and setup scripts to track views and clicks and reporting and it
was just a big hassle.

Number four was the easiest, because all you had to do was drop some code
from the advertising network onto your website and the network would
select ads to show and pay you for showing them. It was easy, but the pay
just stunk unless you had a huge volume of traffic.

Want to give it a try??? It's 100% free!!! Register now & get paid today!
Click on the small banner on the top right corner of this page.

Ut2U (Universal Tranxac)

Introduction to the new rewarding plan "UT2U.com"

Universal Tranxac International Holdings Ltd is incorporate in Hong Kong since 2005. The Business concept is that of a 'Products and Services Aggregator' (PSA), or building, sourced from existing Universal Tranxac business partners as well as other products and services providers locally, regionally or internationally. The primary business activity of ut2u is to market these goods as a PSA employing both 'click and mortar' resources. These resources are then the global e-Commerce platform as well as a network of authorized IBO (International Business Owner).
IPB Image
Our business run on the e-commerce model and is available to all 24 hours a day no matter where they are! The advent of technology and globalisation has created countless opportunities. With UT2U's vision that combines the traditional, the new, the high-touch and high tech. A vision that will enrich qualified men and women alike both locally and globally.
IPB Image
Our business is based on the following principles:
* Huge Selection of products
* Quality
* Innovative method of purchase
* Speed
* Cost Effective
IPB Image
By adopting a work culture of planning wisely, working diligently, patiently, confidently, productively and with commitment, UT2U is confident of becoming an organization that will be the pride of the nation.
Our ultimate goal is to gain success through the enrichment of society, thus creating a better tommorrow.
We want to make it simple for people and make technology a way of life.
IPB Image
Our Mission: To give our members complete, clear, timely, accurate and any information required to make informed ownership decisions.
Our Vision: Make UT2U Biz Dream your modern living through "Train Yourself For Wealth Without End" System.
IPB Image
IPB Image
**The UT Smart New Member Consumes "Boom" Plan**
(Plan A)
1 unit = RM128.00
3 unit = RM384.00
* Recommend the first member referral commission RM30.00, second new member you have RM88.00!
By refered two new member you 've already earn back the cost of ONE UNIT! Member which purchase 3 units at once you will direct reward RM148.00 of commission!

**Universal On-Line Group Rewards Plan**
(Plan B)
Every 1 unit contain 25 U.P.(unit points)
Reach 50 U.P. left & 50 U.P. Right you have RM10.00 matching bonus
Rewards Shall be upgraded when you reach your certain level by accumulat points(refer pic)
Daily Earning Maximum by individual is RM500.00!
A single participation Monthly Maxiimum Can Be Reward Up To = RM15,000!

**Universal Global Royalties(Auto)**
(Plan C)
Every unit will divide by 13 levels to reach Total Royalties : RM32,764.00, no need referral whatsoever!

IPB Image
More benefit for member U.P. please refer Auto On-Line Consuming System & Universal Global Royalties

IPB Image
Diners Club united UT and puts out the newest cash card, the member changes the electronic wallet cash over to this to block, 6 million trade companies and pertrol station and consume and obtain 0.2% organization bonus in the whole world! TNB, ASTRO, CELCOM, DIGI, TELEKOM, MAXIS, the expenses of every month of TIME can transfer accounts automatically, enjoy 0.2% organization bonus too! !

More excellent benefits & privileges for Diner Club card holder now! Overseas cash advance facitlities, up to 55 days interest free periods, free personal accident insurance up to RM1,000.000, free travel accident insurance up to RM350,000, free new purchase protection off up to RM500 per item, acsess to global 90 international airport & business lounges for members only, Diner Club auto telephone bill/utility payment service...etc.

IPB Image
As the member of UT, You can introduce the membership card of loyalty program to the people around too, is called UR card. it can use and accumulated U points, and market plan interests of UT! Member ccumulates total mark 100 each time, there is RM0.15 that lets everybody share Organizing the bonus, it seems that there are a lot of things to UPoint, except 15% of the Upoint of loyalty program, there are 25 U Point of persons who join newly and 5 U Point arranging the line part automatically....and more benefits to come!

Official UT Website- http://www.ut2u.com
Official UR Website- http://www.ur2u.com



I'm gonna introduce the first program today:-

The Simple System of Em-Pay.com. Alliance with Concept of IPC Shopping Bring Incredible Tendency.
World Integrated System.

Once u have joined, u can enjoy all the below plans benefits: The membership is free and whole life.

1)Plan A 50 MP

Direct sponsor incentive = get 15 MP
Matching Bonus Plan A + Plan B = get 10 MP
Matching Bonus Maximum pairs per day is 20 pairs = 10 MP x 20 pairs = 200 MP/day.
200MP x 30 days = 6000MP per month!

2)Plan B World Auto Placement Program
Consumers come from different part in the world, And u 100% no need to refer downlines. The earlier you join the more you have earned the MP. Every unit allocate = + 80% to Plan B programme.

3) World Pool ( 1 new sales allocate 4 mp)
Entitle sharing = Monthly WP Turnover/ WP Qualifications x (U) Qualified Points

You only have to buy 1 lot / 3 lots / 7 lots up to ur choice. The lot is like ur investment unit and can sold back to the company. All people join after you will automatically placed below you.
1 lot = 37 USD or RM138 per lot.

What u have to do now is now login to www.em-pay.com and use my ID - MY845189.
The system make sure all new sign-up people MUST have Sponsor ID and Upline ID.


ALL below is passive income and the downlines ARE 100% GIVEN BY THE SYSTEM.
Level 1 = 8
Level 2 = 24
Level 3 = 56
Level 4 = 120
Level 5 = 248
Level 6 = 504
Level 7 = 1016
Level 8 = 2040
Level 9 = 4088
Level 10 = 8184
Level 11 = 16376
Level 12 = 32760
Level 13 = 65528

Singapore SD 70.00 per lot = 164 ep per lot (confirmed)
China CY 360.00 per lot = 164 ep per lot (Confirmed)
Malaysia MYR 138.00 per lot = 138 ep per lot (Confirmed)
Hong kong HKD 354.843 per lot = 164 ep per lot (Confirmed)
Indonesia IDR 352,721.00 per lot = 138 ep per lot (Confirmed)
Thailand TWD 1,476.63 per lot = 164 ep per lot ...
Taiwan THB 1,627.35 per lot = 164 eper lot...
Brunei BND 70.00 = 164.00 ep per lot

Friday, March 16, 2007

Network Marketing

Network marketing or sometimes known as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is actually a good business. The market for this business is so big and the prospect is good. One thing that we have to keep in mind is that not all of the MLM company will be successful.

Four things about MLM that we have to know:

1. Research the company first

You can research the company profile at google website and type in the company name. Look for the information about the company as much as you can and ask your friends or people who knows about MLM. Usually the company that is spam only stays no more than 5 years. The company that is not a spam usually belongs to a Better Business Bureau and US Chambers.

2. No Mentor

Most of the MLM company do not provide mentor on how to do the business. Basically they just telling you about the company profile and the level of commission that we could attain. Mentor is playing a quite significant role in the business especially for people who knows a little or none about internet business. From the mentor, amateur people can be guided step-by-step on how to do the business, where to do the promotions and how to take profit from the internet. In this case look for MLM that provide mentor to you so you will be supported along the way.

3. Full support from the team

Team support also plays an important role in the MLM business. If members support each other then the business more likely will last longer than just running individually. Members can support each other by sharing the techniques that they have to get leads and so on.

4. Consistent and Hard work

Just like doing any other job, taking this MLM job also requires hard work but of course you do not need to work 8 hours a day seven days a week. You do need at least to work on the job for 2 to 3 hours a day. If you still have a full time job, just consider this MLM job as overtime. We also have to be consistent in doing this job. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme so we have to be positive and do it consistently

Keys To Network Marketing

1. Simplicity

The network marketing opportunity must be simple in design so that it is easy to understand and easy to follow.

2. Time efficiency

The network marketing opportunity must facilitate work on a part time or on a full time basis so that one may work on his or her business as much or as little as he or she can and still earn a profit.

3. Net gain

Although some money may have to be invested in order to make real income, a home business based on network marketing must be feasible even for those with very little money to invest.

Everyone knows that money can be made for those who already have money. An internet home based business can provide an opportunity to people in any income bracket provided that he or she has access to a computer

4. Easy for anyone to do

An online home based business should require some basic computer knowledge, but beyond that a home based business based on network marketing must be comprehensible. Even a child should be able to make money with the right home based business.

5. Personal

To run a home based business online is no different from any other business: you must sell yourself if you want to make money. The more you can sell yourself, the more money you can earn and the best way to sell yourself is to be personal with your clients.

Although you can not reach out and shake hands with your clients, there is still a large window of opportunity for you to get to know your clientele on a personal basis through follow up letters, congratulatory letters, phone calls and regular emails to show your continued interest in his or her business.

6. Positive experience

In order to attract potential network marketers to your down line, you must ensure that their business experience is a positive one. Essentially you must sell someone on the idea of becoming a network marketer, but instead of money the individuals in your down line will invest time.

If the experience is negative, surely the individual in your down line will not continue to invest his or her time in your business

7. Understandable

A network marketing business must be understandable. It must be easy to see why one could make money in such a business. Just as understanding the mechanics of a car makes learning to drive a car virtually effortless, understanding the idea behind network marketing makes it easy to profit in your home business, therefore the idea must be easy to understand

8. Jump start

Starting anything is slow and network marketing is no exception. Before your car can drive it must overcome an initial force, which requires gas. Once your car has started going, it can continue to travel with no gas input.

Initially a home based business requires time; time to learn how the system works to generate clientele and to generate a down line. Once you understand this, you can keep adding to your clientele list and your down line with very little time input.

To help your own down line overcome this you must help them to jump start their business, offer your support and provide them with leads. Remember when they succeed you to will succeed!

9. Proof

Attracting people to your business requires that you provide proof of the potential to earn. Without proof, you are no more convincing than any other online home business. Provide success stories, report your income and your time invested and don't forgot to tell your down line about your own down falls. No one became successful without a few set backs along the way; that's how we learn.

10. Web page

The obvious way to market you online home business is to design a webpage with free access. Though this may take time, a webpage provides access of your business to people all around the world and it is an inexpensive way to advertise.

11. Feeling of accomplishment

Just like any other job network marketing for your online home business must provide the network marketer with a feeling of accomplishment. People in your down line will rely on this to ensure them that they have made the right choice by choosing to become a network marketer, without this your down line would likely quit.

Make sure that you hand on tools of success that worked for you and provide your down line with good leads. The feeling of accomplishment will always leave your down line hungry for more business, which in turn adds to your income stream.

12. Join

Once you find the most successful network marketing online home business, join it! Start your business today for a better tomorrow because once the power is in your hands and not your employer's your own apathy is the only thing that will hold you back from your dreams.

Ionel Prodan is the owner of All Beyond Network Marketing and a heavy hitter on the network marketing business. For more than 6 years has been helping salespeople transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. My business mission is to bring together a group of people dedicated to integrity, distinction and helping others, to create a revolution of unselfishness and generosity in network marketing.

Why Your Network Marketing Efforts Are Failing

About once a week, I get someone struggling to build an on-line network marketing business come to me for advice. They want me to take a look at their website, and how they are doing business, and tell them WHAT they're doing wrong. They want suggestions on how to grow their business faster.

Let's begin by acknowledging that network marketing is nothing new. It's just telling acquaintances and prospects about products and services that you use and like. This is something that you do everyday. You enjoy sharing great discoveries with those you care about. The twist is that network marketing companies have formalized the referral system and compensates you for those referrals.

There is something KEY in the above definition that points to the first reason many I advise are struggling. Many people promote businesses that they don't honestly believe in. They don't honestly believe that those whom they introduce to the opportunity will benefit. Therefore, it feels like a SCAM to them ... since it is, according to their OWN definition, a scam... and that very subtle message is conveyed in their every communication.

People communicate on many different levels. Our body language, and even our "tone" in our emails, says a lot more than most of us realize. If you want to get scientific about it, we're electro-magnetic creature who do give off electrical vibrations that others can sense. When you promote something that you don't honestly feel good promoting, you give off bad vibes... you produce bad karma that others pick up on.

Have you ever noticed that some people "make the hair on the back of your neck stand up?" You're picking up and responding physically to a very powerful communication. Don't ignore it!

The simple solution to the whole problem described above is to not promote anything (whether it's network marketing or using other methods of marketing) that doesn't positively impact everyone concerned! There are a lot of great products and services out there that do just that. I'll share with you a personal example...

If you've read my background, you'll know that I am a literal welfare to riches success story. I grew up so poor that at times we'd run out of kerosene to heat the house in the winter, and we'd go without heat until our next government subsistence check arrived. Growing up in that environment with my grandmother and two younger brothers, I didn't learn proper money management. I had no role models!

Naturally, when I discovered an on-line service that taught me that missing skill, and prevented me from squandering my growing wealth, I eagerly shared this with others that I knew needed this critical knowledge. There are so many people who don't know how to make money work FOR them. I now feel very good sharing that knowledge with others from my website at: http://www.eliteteammarketing.com/81309/

Take a few minutes and study that website! It's incredibly well-structured and works great. It doesn't have any of the problems I see with the websites that my clients struggle with.

If you have any of these common problems on your website you need to correct them immediately. If you can't correct them, then you need to build you own website rather than using the company-provided website. If the company won't let you create your own site, then you need to find another company since the one you're with is PREVENTING you from succeeding. Here are the common website errors we observe:

1) No clear explanation of what the website or business is about. Internet surfers are very impatient and if they can't figure out what the site's about in a few seconds, many will simply click away.

2) Forms asking for contact information without telling them what you're going to do with their information. People aren't going to give you their phone number and address, or even email address unless they know that they're only going to get information they want to receive. You have to sell them on the value - the "What's In It For Me?" - of having you follow up with them. You also have to assure them that you respect and will protect their private data.

People understand that you're asking for their contact information so that you can follow-up. Clearly tell them how you're going to follow-up and why they want you to do this. Explain precisely what benefit is in it for them?

3) No indication of who, or WHAT, is behind the site. Your website should have very clear contact information on it. A name, email address, phone number, and if practical a physical address should be on the site. Letting people see that there is a real person behind the site is what builds that essential trust. A photo on the site further builds the connection and lets them see that a real, ordinary person runs the business.

4) Proof that what the site says is true. Your making a statement does not provide proof. Others saying it, does provide some "proof." So you need testimonials and statements from a variety of people verifying and validating all of your assertions. These testimonials should have name, company, city and state, website url, etc. Vague testimonials with only a set of initials merely create suspicion. A testimonial with a photo is even more credible.

5) An understandable explanation of the compensation plan. I'm a college graduate with about 20 years of FORMAL schooling. Many of the websites that I read leave me totally CLULESS as to how I would get paid and how much. If your explanation or illustrations of your "payment plan" leave people confused, it will also leave them unsure. This is another area where, if the company provided website doesn't "cut it," then you need to create you own.

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